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What is Freedom Calls?

Freedom Calls is an innovation in making free international calls using a virtual call card. Using only your landline, you can create an account to add Freedom Calls credits. Your credits can be used in any phone, mobile or home phone, to make international calls.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Activating your Freedom Calls is really easy. Call 1300 770 652 from a landline. You will be in contact with our sales agent and we will instantly create your account. Take note of your account number as you will be dialing this every time you make international calls. After which, hang up the phone then proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 Dial our access numbers from any phone: Sydney: 02 8073 3498; Melbourne: 03 9034 3798; Perth: 08 6365 0006; Brisbane 07 3123 0056; Adelaide: 08 7123 0036; Canberra: 02 6111 2003; Hobart 03 6251 3003; Darwin: 08 8911 1040. Enter your account number and the international number you wish to call.

Step 3 Dial 1300 770 652 from the same landline you created your account with. Choose the Add More Credit option and hang up after you hear our confirmation. Each call will instantly add 7 Freedom Calls credits to your remaining balance.

After reloading my Freedom Calls credit, how do I make an international call?

To make an international call using your Freedom Calls credit, just dial our access numbers listed below:

Sydney: 02 8073 3498
Perth: 08 6365 0006
Adelaide: 08 7123 0036
Hobart: 03 6251 3003
Melbourne: 03 9034 3798
Brisbane: 07 3123 0056
Canberra: 02 6111 2003
Darwin: 08 8911 1040

Listen to the voice prompt, then enter your account number. Dial 0011 and the international number you wish to call. Stay on the line while we connect your call.

Can I use a different landline aside from the one I used in creating my account?

Certainly, you can! However, we will be creating different account numbers for all the landline phones that you will use. We recommend that you stick to using one landline phone only to avoid hassle of remembering all account numbers. How do I check my credit balance or account number?

To check your balance, simply dial 1300 770 652 from the landline you created your account with. We automatically recognize the account number from the landline you are calling. Select the option for remaining credits and we will read your outstanding balance and Freedom Calls account number.

When I dial Freedom Calls, it keeps on saying that my ID is not recognized?

If you are prompted with this error, hang up and dial again using 1832 at the start of the number. Example: Dial 1832 1300 770 652. This action unlocks your phone and you can start using Freedom Calls from your landline again.

What is express charging?

If you wish to add credits to your Freedom Calls account instantly, dial 1300 770 652 without having to listen to our menu options. Every top up call will add 7 Freedom Calls credits to your account.

What are the costs in using Freedom Calls?

This depends on your landline plan. There are telco carriers who offer their subcribers unlimited access to 1300 calls while others may charge you per 1300 call. Ask your provider about their rates before adding any Freedom Calls credits. Also, to avoid bill shock, do not add hundreds of Freedom Calls credits.

Terms and Conditions

Freedom Calls collect personal information to conduct the service. These information may be disclose with a third-party organization for the purpose of the service. The service provider may also use these information for promotional and publicity purposes such as sending electronic messages. All entries are conditional and remains the property of the service provider.

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  • No special phone needed
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