Cash for Minutes Offer

Access Number 1300 73 5087

Use your CAP minutes and turn them into CASH!

For every minute you listen to the radio by calling
03 8416 7030 and 02 8999 4415
You Get Paid Cash via Paypal !
see below for detailed step

Step 1

Simply Use up your Cap Minutes to get paid Cash.
Dial 1300 735 087 From your Mobile
To make more minutes on one call, simply conference call upto 6 times.

Step 2

In Order to make more minutes, Simply Conference Call up to 6 times on same number to earn more minutes on each call.

How much do I make?

You get paid $10 for Every 1000 Minutes, We pay when your balance reaches $50 via Paypal.
Every time you dial you will hear how much credit you have Earned.