Free International Calls from Your Mobile

Access Number 1300 767 509

Choose any six digit access code i.e. 498466. Do not use an obvious number like 111111. Share this access code with all the participants Dial in on
1300 768 451
Enter your chosen six digit access code from step 1 and You Are Connected in the Conference Call.

Freedomcalls provides free conference calling from your mobile

The Australian's Only Free National Conference Calling Service

FreedomCalls is a free national conference calling service from your mobile. If you are calling from mobile all you have to do is to choose a six digit access code, i.e. 498466. Do not use an obvious number string like 111111, then Share the access code and dial in our access number 1300 516 581 with all the participants on your conference call. Have everyone enter the six digit access code followed by # key to join the conference.

Free Local Australian Teleconferencing

Did you know that we are the only free conference call service in the Australia to use the 1300 access number? that costs exactly the same as calling any other Mobile in Australia. If you are a Australia based business, you have to switch over from "free" conference calls that use numbers which charge 5Ę per minute. We use the same conferencing kit as those services and our quality is just as good if not better.

Are our aussie numbers really Free?

FreedomCalls Calling offers conference calls at absolutely no charge! You are not charged for using our services in making conference calls. You will not encounter any credit card billing by FreedomCalls. However, you will incur regular charges based on carrier rates of phone service providers. You should indeed confirm the rates with your service provider. Otherwise, FreedomCalls offers this service at no cost.

You can use any of the dial-in numbers that we have provided to connect with all participants. There is no need to travel for long distances in order to host a conference. Moreover, this will save a lot of your finances. We offer unique services that facilitate effective conferences. All participants can air their views without discrimination. Admittedly, you can host as many participants as you wish. We guarantee you effective services at no charge. FreedomCalls Calling cares for you.

This service is available 24/7. In fact, you donít need to schedule conference calls in advance.

Terms & Conditions

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