Free International Calls from Your Mobile

Access Number 1300 767 509

Enjoy Free International Calls to over 120 Nations from your Mobile! Simply Call 1300 767 509

After the Voice Prompt Simply Dial the Number to call International Free of Charge:

Dialing Format: 0011 + Country Code + Number + #

For Example to Call India Free: 0011 91 9812345678 #

You just need to have a Good Cap Plan to Dial 1300 Numbers from Your mobile to Enjoy Free International Calls!

There are no limits, you can talk as much you like and its Free!

* Caller Pays local call charges to dial 1300 Number an International Leg of the call is 100% Free. Please check with your Mobile Phone company to find out charges to call 1300 numbers on your Mobile Phone Plan.

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